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What Are Epiphytes & How To Grow Them

by aditya abhishek

What Are Epiphytes?

Epiphytes are thos plants that can grow on other plants and derive nutrition from plants, water and air for growth & survival. You can also grow these plants in your garden. 

However, you should avoid growing them in soil. Instead, you can grow them suspended in air or in a pot that has small holes on all sides and is filled with an ideal growing medium. 

Growing Medium

For growing epiphytes, you can prepare growing medium by mixing coconut husk, charcoal, and broken pieces of bricks and tiles in equal proportions. 

Epiphytes Orchids

One of the most popular epiphytic plant that you can keep in your garden are epiphytes orchids. However, terrestrial orchids are not adapted to grow without soil. 

Bird's Nest Ferns

They are moisture loving plants that can grow well in bright to low indirect sunlight. You can also grow them in soils with good aeration & drainage. 

Staghorn Fern

Just like Bird's Nest ferns, Staghorn ferns are also epiphytes. As they are moisture loving plants, so you can keep them in your bathroom. 

Air Plants

Air plants or Tillandsia, a genus of approximately 650 species of flowering plants that are epiphytes. They are hardy & can even grow without any growing medium in air. 

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