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How To Do USDA Garden Registration

BY Aditya abhishek

People's Garden

Initiative to develop brilliant and resilient food system, empower community, address gardening issues, offer teaching & models of urban agriculture, etc. by USDA. 

People's garden can be of different sizes, and types depending on needs of the gardening group such as  school gardens, community gardens, urban farms, & small scale agriculture projects. 

To join People's Garden and help the community you have to complete USDA Garden Registration. Your garden can also be recognized as People's Garden, if it fulfils these requirements.

Benefits The Group

Your garden should provide food, home to wildlife, informational site, and beautification to qualify for registration. 

Sustainable Practices

Practice of growing native plant species, avoiding use of chemicals, reusing garden waste as manure and following integrated pest management practices are necessary. 

Collaborative Effort

Gardening community should be working together with USDA Agencies, expert gardeners, food banks, girl scouts, etc. 

Spreading Knowledge

Gardening community should be spreading knowledge about sustainable gardening practices and its importance to people. 

If your community garden fulfils all these criteria then you can visit,, to complete USDA garden registration online.

Once you visit that link, then just above the people's garden map you will find the registration link, click on that link, fill all the necessary details and wait for their approval. 

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