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Why USDA Census Of Agriculture Important

by aditya abhishek

In census of agriculture by USDA, farm, ranches and their operators of rural & urban region having business of more than $1000 during census year are counted.

USDa Census

USDA conducts agriculture census in America once after every 5 years to identify land use & ownership, operator characteristics, production practices, income and expenditures.

Agriculture census by USDA is really important for not only companies, corporates, legislators, but also for farmers. It gives them voice & future oppurtunities. 


Census of agriculture gives efficient agriculture data that shows the value and impotance of farming that can inspire others to develop farming status of America.


Farmers can use the census to understand market trends and problems and can use the data to make their farm operation decisions. 

For Farmers

Companies & corporates need to source agriculture produce to sell in global markets for this they need to resourceful farms which they can locate easily through census. 

For companies

To identify problems related to farmers and farm opertaives and create farm policies and programs agriculture census of USDA is usedful. 

For Legislators

Data for USDA census of agriculture 2022 has been collected from farmer and it will be released finally in spring to summer, 2024 to give you a better insight. 


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