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Unveiling The Structure Of Bihar Agriculture

by aditya abhishek

Bihar is a state located in eastern India, known for its rich cultural heritage and historical significance. Many great rulers, philosophers, astronomers, etc. of ancient India were from Bihar. 

Geographical Area

Bihar has a total geographical area of around 94,000 square kilometers, out of which around 70% is suitable for agriculture. Net cultivated area is 56.03 lakh hectare.

Major Rivers

Bihar is blessed with 21 rivers that flows through the state. Major rivers of Bihar are Ganga, Sone, Poonpoon, Falgu, Karmanasa, Durgawati, Kori, Gandak, Ghaghara, etc.

Irrigation In Bihar

The state has several irrigation projects, including the Kosi, Gandak, and Sone irrigation systems, which provide water to a vast area of agricultural land.

Major Crops Of Bihar

Rice is the most widely grown crop in Bihar, followed by wheat and maize. Farmers of the state also produces sugarcane, jute, and makhana (fox nut). 

In India, Bihar is the largest producer of Litchi, Makhana, Guava, and Lady's finger. It is also the 3rd largest producer of pineapple and other major fruit crops are mango, banana and guava. 


Despite the significant progress made in recent years, Bihar's agricultural sector faces several challenges, including lack of modern infrastructure, low productivity, etc.

Poor market linkages, the prevalence of traditional farming practices, natural disasters like floods and droughts are also the prime problems faced by rural communitiy of Bihar. 

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