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Ultimate Potting Mixes That You Need To Use

by aditya abhishek


Not all types of soil are good for every plants. Different plant species have their own requirements that you need to provide to get healthy plant growth. 


Ignoring the importance of soil & potting mix can lead to poor root growth, root rot, stuted plant growth, reduced yield, etc. Hence using right soil type or potting mix is necessary.

For Flowering Plants

Most of the flowering plants grow well in well drained soils rich in organic matter with good water holding capacity. 

You can prepare potting mix with 30% garden soil + 30% cocopeat + 40% organic manure like dung manure. You can also add a handful of leaf compost + bonemeal in this mixture. 

For Vegetable Plants

For growing vegetable plants, prepare potting mix by mixing 40% garden soil + 40% dung manure + 10% perlite + 10% neem cake fertilizer. 

For Succulents

Succulents love well drained sandy soils. Prepare potting mix with 40% dried crushed leaves + 20% leaf compost + 20% river sand + 20% cinder or perlite. 

For Aquatic Plants

Unlike terrestrial plants, aquatic plants love heavy clayey soils. You can mix 60% heavy clayey soil + 40% well decomposed dung manure. 

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