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Types Of Grass For Your Lawn

by aditya abhishek

Bermuda Grass

Also known as doob grass, hariyali grass or arugu grass, is suitable for open sunny location, warm climate & can tolerate draught.

St. Augustine Grass

Also known as buffalo grass in South Africa can grow very well under direct sunlight or shady location and warm sub tropical to tropical climate.

Centipede Grass

It is a warm season grass that can grow well in warm tropical climate with abundant rainfall. It requires frequent watering and has low draught tolerance.

Japan Grass

Also known as Zoysia grass, Korean grass is suitable for regions where summers are warm and winters are cool. This grass species requires less frequent watering

Kikuyu Grass

It is a moderately draught tolerant grass species that can grow well in high elevations in tropical regions on moderately drained, fertile, alluvial to moist sandy soil.

Fescue Grass

You can grow this grass species in warm as well as cool climatic conditions. However it is primarily a cool season grass and is also draught tolerant.

Kentucky Bluegrass

Also known as KGB can be a good choice if you are planning to grow in cool climatic conditions. It can grow well under direct sunlight.

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