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Top Soil Vs Potting Soil: Which Is Good

by aditya abhishek


Soil is one of the most important factor that controls plant growth. Every plant species have their specific soil texture, pH, nutrients requirements. 

But if you have to choose between topsoil & potting soil then answer become quite complicated as tey both have their own importance & uses. Let's explore them.

Top Soil

Topsoil is used for outdoor gardening & landscaping. It is the uppermost layer of the soil that contains a mix of organic matter, minerals, and microorganisms.

Potting Soil

Potting soil, on the other hand is specifically made for container gardening. It is specifically prepared to provide good drainage, aeration, nutrients and moisture retention.

Moreover, you can control the structure & nutrients composition easily by selecting appropriate ingredients for your plants to fulfil their specific needs. 


If you have backyard garden or are planting to grow outdoors, the prefer to grow in top soil, but get your soil tested to understand fertility of the soil. 

But if you are planning to grow plants in pots, then instead of using top soil directly prepare potting soil by mixing soil, cocopeat, compost, sand etc.

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