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Top 10 Agricultural Trends You Need to Know

by aditya abhishek

Sustainable Farming

To reduce the impact on the environment while improving productivity, following sustainable practices such as crop rotation, cover crops, IPM, is essential. 

Precision Agriculture

The use of technology, such as GPS, drones, and sensors, to precisely monitor and manage crops & resources in real-time help to reduce farm waste & increase efficiency.

Organic Farming

Due to increase in demand for organic food and awareness about environmental sustainability and health, there is a rise in numbers of farmer who practices organic farming. 

Vertical Farming

It involves growing crops in vertically stacked layers or on vertical walls, using artificial lighting and climate control technology helps in increasing farm productivity. 


The use of genetic engineering and other biotechnologies to improve crop yields, resistance to pests and diseases, & nutritional content has helped to overcome food crisis.  

Regenerative Farming

This farming system focuses on improving soil health, biodiversity, and ecosystem function, while also producing food. It helps in reviving soil health. 

Urban Agriculture

Growing food in cities, including community gardens, rooftop gardens, & vertical farming, to increase access to fresh produce and reduce the carbon footprint.


The use of technology to gather data and provide insights on farming practices, leading to more efficient and effective agriculture. 

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