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Top 5 Plants That Can Attract Snakes In The Garden

by aditya abhishek


However, there is no direct role of these plants in attracting snakes, but it is believed that snakes get attracted because of the presence of food & shelter around these plants. 

Sandalwood Tree

Snakes love to take shelter under the shade of a sandalwood tree. Moreover, it also provides a humid environment which makes this tree an ideal resting spot for snakes. 


If you have planted ferns over a large area in your garden, then there is a chance that snakes can get attracted to your garden in search of shelter. 

Cedar Tree

Under a cider tree snakes get a familiar environment like under a sandalwood tree. That's why sometimes, they can get attracted. 


If you have planted grapevines in your garden, then it can attract snakes. It is because the prey of snakes, such as mice, birds, insects, etc. are found around grapevines. 


However, Parijat is considered a sacred flowering plant, but as it can provide an ideal shelter for snakes, therefore sometimes snake gets attracted to this plant. 


Whether these plants are known to attract snakes or not, you can grow them in your garden. Make sure to keep your garden clean, and control the prey population in your garden to avoid snakes. 

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