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Top 5 Most Fragrant Flowers For Your Garden

by aditya abhishek

Fragrant Flowers

If you want to fill your garden space with divine fragrance, then you can start growing these most fragrant flowers in your garden.


On the top of the list we have Gardenia, also known as "Gandhraj." It commonly blooms from May to June. Plant at least 4 to 5 gardenia in your garden to feel the fragrance. 


Tuberose, popular as "Rajinigandha" in India is a monsoon blooming flowering plant. If you plant 6 to 8 Rajinigandha plant, then it will fill your garden with its fragrance. 


Known as "Tree of the Heaven" is an ultimate addon for bringing fragrance in the garden. It flowers during night from August to December. 


Also known as "Champa" is famous for its flower fragrance, shape & colour. Plumeria blooms from March to August and you must have this plant in your garden. 


If we are thinking to increase fragrance in our garden, then how can we forget beautiful roses? October is the perfect time to start growing this plant from cuttings. 


For a soothing feel, plant lavender in your garden. Essential oils derived from lavender are used to make perfumes. They are also used in aromatherapy. 

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