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Top 10 Plants With Colourful Leaves

by aditya abhishek


If you are looking for plants with colourful foliage or leaves to plant in your garden, then you can start growing these plants with colourful leaves.


Croton is one of the most beautiful tropical houseplants with a range of colourful leaves that you can grow easily in your home garden. Use tea leaves compost to fertilize crotons. 


Caladiums have large, heart-shaped leaves with a variety of shades of red, pink, white and green. They love slightly moist soil to grow well. 


Begonia comes in a wide range of leaf shapes, patterns & colours. Leaves of begonia can be of silver, red, pink, and green colour. Moreover, you can grow them easily. 

Polka Dot Plant

The Polka Dot Plant has small dotted leaves in shades of pink, red, or white. You can keep them under bright indirect sunlight for optimum growth. 

Peacock Plant

The peacock plant also known as Calathea has intricate patterns on its leaves, resembling the feathers of a peacock. You can find them in a variety of leaf colours and patterns. 


Aglaonema is widely popular for its colour leaf patterns. It can even perform well under low light conditions and requires moderate watering. 

Variegated Fairy Castle

The variegated Fairy Castle cactus plant is a popular choice among cactus enthusiasts as it is a rare species and can grow well in sandy soil easily. 


Coleus is one of the popular houseplants due to its leaf pattern and colours. You can keep them in your bedroom and they perform well under direct to indirect sunlight. 


Dieffenbachia also known as "Dumb Canes" are air purifying houseplants that have large, striking leaves with patterns of green, white, and sometimes yellow. 

Snake Plants

Just like dumb canes, snake plants are also wonderful air purifiers, and have unique patterns of leaves in shades of green, white, yellow and even purple. 

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