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This District Of Bihar Is Getting Popular For Tea Production

by aditya abhishek


After Assam & Darjeeling which are the largest tea-producing regions, the Kishanganj district of Bihar is gaining popularity for tea production in the country. 


Assam is the largest tea producing state in India with over 800 tea estates spread over 312,000 hectares area. It is followed by West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, and Kerala. 


In 1992, a farmer "Mr. Raj Karan Daftari" started cultivating tea in the Kishanganj district & it worked well. Now, tea farming is practiced in an area of around 15,000 acres. 


Every year around 1500 tonnes of tea are produced by tea farmers of Kishanganj which is processed in 9 private and 1 government tea processing plant.

Darjeeling Of Bihar

Because of the increasing demand, popularity & potential of tea production in Kishanganj, it is now regarded as the "Darjeeling of Bihar."


However, to explore tea production potential, farmers need the support of the state government, better marketplace & processing units to sell their harvest. 

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