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The Top 5 Dangers Of Modern Agriculture

by aditya abhishek

Modern Agriculture

When we try to define modern agriculture, it is hard to give the exact definition. But it is the ever-evolving innovation process in agriculture. 


Moreover, when people discuss modern agriculture, they always think about the use of chemicals, GMO seeds, excessive tillage, etc. that damages the environment. 


But, the truth is somewhat different. Modern agriculture practices also include precision agriculture that involves efficient waste management and crop production by using technology. 


There is a common myth that using chemicals in the field is harmful. But, as we humans need allopathic medicines to treat ourselves, in the same way, plants also need pesticides & fertilizers. 


However, the problem is in the doses and usage. It is seen that most of the farmers overuse chemicals in their farms and practice excessive tillage which causes the problem 


Due to practicing excessive tillage on the farm, soil erosion occurs over time which leads to the decline in fertility of the soil and in the worst case, land also becomes infertile. 


Due to excessive use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, microorganisms in the soil decrease and leaching leads to soil and water pollution. 

Greenhouse Effect

Burning of vegetation, enteric fermentation in livestock peoduction, etc. is responsible for around 25 % of global greenhouse gas emissions. 

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