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These Are The Adverse Effects Of Modern Agriculture

by aditya abhishek


Modern agriculture practices have led to increased food production and improved efficiency but it is not without its adverse effects.

Soil Degradation

Excessive tillage,  use of chemical fertilizers & peasticides, monocropping, etc. lead to soil erosion, nutrient depletion & reduced organic matter content. 

Water Pollution

Due to ecessive use of chemical fertilizers & pesticides, their residues leach to nearest water bodies, thus can harm aquatic ecosystems. 

Biodiversity Loss

Implementing high yielding varieities & practicing monocropping have led to a decline in crop diversity and the loss of traditional and indigenous varieties.

Pesticide Resistance

Continous use of pesticides has led to the emergence of pesticide-resistant insects and weeds, making it more challenging to control them effectively.


To expand commerical farm land, forest land has been cleared on a large scale leading to deforestation. It posses direct threat to the natural inhabitants. 

Greenhouse Gasses

Agriculture secor has become of the major causes for greenhouse gas emission due to the use of synthetic fertilizers, livestock production, etc.

Health Impact

You must have noticed government supporting and promoting organic agriculture, this is due to the fact that use of excessive chemicals has been linked to various health issues.

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