Agriculture review

Why Sustainable Farming Is So Important

By Aditya abhishek


The practice of growing crops to meet the present day market demand without compromising the ability of soil to produce food for present or future generation. 

Sustainable farming practices focuses on understanding of ecosystem to maintain biodiversity soil fertility, health, and at the same hand ensuring profitability.

Industrialized farming practices helped farmers to produce higher amount at low cost but it also led to soil, air, and water pollution due to which biodiversity go affected. 

Practicing sustainable farming ensures 56% less energy consumption per unit of crop produced & greenhouse gas emission gets reduced by 64%

However, sustainable farming is more labour intensive, that's why it is little costly. But it ensures safety of our generation. 

Organic farming, Agro-forestry, Precision farming, Natural farming, Permaculture, Biodynamic agriculture, IPM, etc. are mostly practiced sustainable farming systems in the world. 

If you still don't get the importance of sustainable farming, then you must know that conventional farming cause land degradation which affected 3.2 billion people globally

We must encourage farmers globally to shift into sustainable farming systems & practices. If you care about environment & know a farmer then share this story to encourage them!

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