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What's Survival Gardening

by aditya abhishek

If you have read the sentence "Survival Gardening" then your mind must have been guessing the answer, Right? Well I also feel that you are close to the right answer!

The art of growing vegetables, cereals, pulses, fruits, & herbs in sufficient amount so that you & your family can completely  depend on the produce is survival gardening. 

There are lot of challenges in the world, varying market prices of vegetables, fruits,  etc. Use of synthetic chemicals for production on large scale usually contaminate produce and our environment. 

Moreover, we spend a large amount of our earned money on buying food from the market. And in case of emergency such as economic crises or natural disasters food prices even go higher. 

Therefore, practicing survival gardening not only makes us self sustainable but it also helps to keep us and our family healthy

People use open pollinated or heirloom seeds for this type of gardening.  You can start by growing peas, potatoes, tomatoes radish, carrots,  maize, beets, bottle gourds etc. 

Practicing raised bed gardening, mulching, recycling garden waste, saving seeds for next season, companion plantation, is found to be effective. 

If you do not have backyard then too you can practice survival gardening on your terrace. It will boost your confidence and will help you in saving lot of money. 

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