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Summer Flowering Plants For Hanging Baskets

by aditya abhishek


Winter is over and now you must be missing flowering plants in your hanging baskets. Well it is the time to add these beautiful summer flowering plants in those empty baskets.

Million Bells

If you are missing petunias from your winter garden, then add Million bells flowering plants in your hanging baskets in summer. They bloom from April to October. 


You can multiply portulaca, also known as 9'0 clock flowering plant by stem cuttings. Grow them in sandy loam soil & apply onion peel fertilizers time to time. 

Mexican Petunia

Another great summer flowering plant that resembles petunias are Mexican petunia. The keep blooming in summer and can be grown easily in hanging baskets. 

Dwarf Fuchsia

Dwarf Fuchsia plant can grow well in hanging pots, and they bloom from May till the end of summer season. They are native to Central & South America.


They are herbaceous, climbing flowering plants that can also be grown in hanging pots. They are into trend these days among plant lovers.

Rain Lily

They can be grown from bulbs and with the onset of monsoon, you will notice beautiful pink blooms in the plant. Avoid ovewatering to prevent bulb rot.


Not only they are beautiful but they are also known to attract pollinators in the garden. Keep pruning top branches to get desired shape in the hanging basket. 

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