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Succulent Plants That You Can Grow Indoors

by aditya abhishek

Burro's Tail

Also known as donkey's tail is a trailing succulent plant that you can in hanging pots filled with well draining succulent potting mix. 

Christmas Cactus

Also known as crab claw cactus is a alluring cacti that is famous for flat, fleshy, segmented stems which also produce pink to red colour flowers. 


Also known as Hens & Chiks plant is popular among succulent lovers and you can grow them in bright indirect sunlight too. 


There are various species of Aloe that you can keep indoors. They require less watering and fertilizer and you can propagate them by offsets. 

Panda Plant

They are native to Madagascar and are popular for fuzzy gray to green coloured leaves covered with soft silvery hairs. 

Jade Plant

It is a slow growing succulent plant that require bright indirect sunlight throughout the day. It can grow with minimal care. 

African Milk Tree

It is not a tree but a cactus plant that can reach up to 9 feet tall. However, you need to be careful while growing this plant as they are covered with thorns.  

Zebra Wart Haworthia

For creating beautiful terrariums you can use Zebra Wart Haworthia succulent plants. They grow easily in well drained soils. 

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