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The Ultimate Guide On Strawberry Farming!

by aditya abhishek


Strawberry is a cool season crop that can ensure good profit, from 1 acre of strawberry farm you can earn around 4 lakhs Indian Rupees or 5000 US $.


Strawberry can be cultivated from the month of October in tropical to sub tropical climate, but in temperate climate spring is the best time for cultivation. 


You can propagate strawberry easily from runners after strawberry picking. Plant starts rapid vegetative growth & starts forming runners. 

Field Preparation

Practice deep ploughing followed by harrowing before plantation. Prepare prepare raised beds of 4 x 3 metres & row to row distance should be 60 to 70 centimetres.


During field preparation, add  40 tonnes of FYM per hectare. Add 80 Kg Nitrogen, 40 Kg Phosphorus and 60 Kg Potassium in one hectare land in split dozes. 


First irrigation should be given immediately after the plantation. If there is no rain, then irrigate once after every two week.  Install drip irrigation for better result. 


Light hoeing  should be done time to time to control weed growth in the field. Practice first weeding 30 days after plantation.

Strawberry Picking

You can start harvesting in the late evenings or morning when the strawberry fruit gets 50% to 75% natural crimson colour

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