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Grow These Companion Plants With Strawberry

by aditya abhishek

If you grow strawberries in your garden and want to increase yield, reduce pests & diseases, fertilizers & watering needs, then start growing these companion plants of strawberry. 


To keep pests away from strawberry you can plant onions with them. They are good companion vegetable for strawberry. 


You can plant legume crops such as bush bean with strawberry plants. It will help in vegetative growth of strawberry plants. 


You can plant Asparagus with strawberry at the same planting time. They grow without competing for nutrients and water. 


To save strawberry plants from root nematodes, plant marigolds with them. They repel root nematodes away. 


Growing spinach in between rows of strawberry plants will help to control weeds. It also promotes mutual growth.


To keep pests away from strawberry plants, you can plant basil with them. Make sure to plant them 6 inches apart.  

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