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Start Sowing Seeds Of These Vegetables In January

By aditya abhishek


If you are living in tropical or sub-tropical region then you can start sowing spinach seeds in January. They germinate easily and requires nitrogen rich fertilizers. 


To get early harvest in summers start sowing eggplant seeds in January. Once seeds start germinating then it will take around 100 to 120 days to reach maturity. 


Okra can grow in wide range of soils, but well draining sandy loam soil rich in organic matter is ideal. Sow seeds in january and within 12 days seeds will start germinating. 


In sandy loam soil sow cucumber seeds at 3 centimetres depth. Once seeds start germinating then remove weaker seedlings and leave healthy seedlings to grow. 


Capsicum are amazing exotic vegetable that you can grow in January by sowing seeds in well draining soil rich in organic matter. 

Bitter Gourd

Soak bitter gourd seeds in water for 48 hours then sow them in sandy loam soil. Seeds may take 14 days to germinate. Do not let the soil dry completely before germination. 


If you love to add spice to your food then sow chilli seeds in soil in January. They are easy to grow but are prone to chilli leaf curl virus. Hence keep sticky traps around. 


Radish is a root vegetable that you can use as salad. They also grow really fast and you can harvest them within 45 to 60 days after seed sowing. 

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