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Start Growing These Root Vegetables In Pot

by aditya abhishek

Gardeners love growing vegetables in their beautiful garden, so we have come with a list of root vegetable plants that gardeners can grow and harvest in their garden. 


You can start sowing carrot seeds from October to November or in February in 12 inches deep pot filled with loose well draining soil kept under bright direct sunlight. 


If you are a beginner then start growing root vegetables by sowing radish seeds in September to November or late January to early February in well draining fertile soil.


Start sowing seeds of beetroot from August to November or in February in sandy loam soil and you can harvest them 60 days after plantation. 


In a pot filled with potting mix prepared by mixing 40% normal garden soil + 20% river sand + 40% organic compost you can sow onion seeds from February to November. 


Start feeding with two to three handful of any bulky manure once in a month along with fish emulsion organic fertilizer for best results.


Moderate watering is good for root vegetables. Do not overwater as it can cause root rot. Avoid waterlooging in the pot. 


Bright direct sunlight for at least 6 to 8 hours daily is neccessary for good growth of root vegetables. Avoid growing in low light. 

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