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Start Growing These 5 Flowering Plants In October

by aditya abhishek


Winter is coming, and to make your garden look beautiful you can start growing these winter flowering plants in October. 


Marigold is one of the most amazing winter flowering plants that you can grow from seeds in October. They grow well in sandy loam soils. 


Dahlia comes in a variety of color shades from white to red and you can easily grow them from seeds in October. They love soil rich in organic matter. 


If you want to fill hanging pots with winter flowering plants, then you can start sowing petunia seeds in October. 


Pansy is famous for its butterfly-shaped flowers and are known to attract pollinators. You can grow them from seeds in October. 


October is the best time to start propagating roses from stem cuttings. They are heavy feeders, therefore, fertilize once every 14 days. 


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