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Soil Erosion: Definition, Causes & Prevention

by aditya abhishek


Detachment of soil particles from top layer of soil and then transportation by the action of wind and water is soil erosion. 

Due to excess soil erosion productive lands in many parts of the world have become infertile. This led to decrease in agricultural production and loss of income for farmers. 


Causes of soil erosion are over-grazing,  deforestation, excess tillage, sloping land, intensive farming, erosion by water & wind, and socio-economic problems. 


Although the impact of soil erosion can not be reverted back easily but if we work together and implement these strategy then we can prevent further erosion.

Choice Of Crop 

Planting row crop such as cowpea, groundnut, green gram, black gram, , or other legume crop can help in reducing erosion. 


Applying a layer of mulch help in reducing the impact of water and wind on soil. This help in reducing erosion of soil. 

Conservation Tillage

Avoid practicing high intensity tillage, instead try to practice low intensity tillage or zero tillage, this helps in reducing erosion. 

Organic Manure

Avoid adding too much inorganic or chemical fertilizers in the farm. Instead use organic manure or bio-fertilizers in the farm, this will help to improve soil health. 

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