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Say Goodbye to Ants in Plants: Effective Solutions

by aditya abhishek

Ants are beneficial insects in many ways, but they can also be pests, especially when they invade our homes and gardens. To get rid of ants you can follow these natural & artificial methods. 

Natural Methods

Mix two pinches of asafoetida (Hing powder) with half lid full of dettol or any other antiseptic liquid. After mixing add 100 ml water & keep stirring till colour changes to white. 

You can spary this solution on affected parts to get rid of ants. Diluted neem oil in water can also be used to control ants but this method is found to be more effective. 

Set Up Ant Traps

Use a simple trap made from a container filled with a sweet liquid, such as  sugar water. Ants will be attracted to the sweet liquid, once they enter the trap, they will be trapped. 

Inorganic Methods

Sprinkle Coopex dust Insecticidal powder in areas where you notice ants and in the bottom region below your pots to control ants.

 Ant Attractants

Ants are attracted to sweet and sticky substances, such as nectar, sap, and honeydew. To prevent ants from being attracted to your plants, wipe off any sticky substances.

If you notice ants on plants, it could also be a sign of aphids or mealybugs pests. As they live in association. So, look closely for any abnormailities in the plant before controllings ants. 

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