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How To Grow & Care For Rubber Plant

By aditya abhishek

Rubber plants are great air purifying plants that you can grow indoors. It is also known as Rubber bush, Rubber fig, Rubber tree, or Indian rubber bush.


There are around 1100 species of rubber plant in the world. Out of which Ficus elastica “Decora,” “Black Prince,” “Sophia,” and " Ruby are popular. 

Growing Season 

Spring to summer is the best time to start growing rubber plant in your home. You can grow them in USDA zones 9 to 11. 

Potting Mix

Rubber plant loves well drained, sandy loam soil. Prepare potting mix with 45% coco peat + 45 % soil + 5% sand +5% compost.


Cut the stem having at least 3-4 sets of leaves with shoots tip 5-6 inches long just ½ inch below the node. Dip cutting end in rooting powder & plant them.


Daily 5 to 6 hours of bright indirect sunlight is good for the growth of rubber plants. Avoid keeping them under direct sunlight for longer duration. 


Rubber plant needs moderate watering. Only water when top layer of soil becomes dry. Reduce watering frequency during winters. 


Take ½ teaspoon NPK 10:10:10 dilute in one litre water and apply the fertilizer after every 3-4 weeks. Avoid fertilizing during winters.  You can also use tea leaf compost instead of NPK. 

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