agriculture review

Regenerative Agriculture: Definition & Importance

by aditya abhishek

Continuous use of excessive fertilizers, pesticides, tillage, machinery, has led to degradation of agricultural land

What Happened!

Due to such exploitation of land, soil productivity & organic carbon has decreased drastically


So there is a need to adopt such a farming system that focuses on reviving soil health and biodiversity


Adopting various sustainable agriculture practices that focuses on topsoil regeneration, soil health & ecosystem improvement is "Regenerative Agriculture."


Recycling farm waste as manures, practicing zero tillage, use of bio-fertilizers & pesticides are principles of regenerative agriculture. 


Natural Farming, Permaculture, Agroecology, Agroforestry, are basic philosophies on which regenerative agriculture is based. 


Adopting Regenerative Agriculture will help humanity to improve soil health across the globe. 


It will also help to avoid future draughts and possible land degradation due to which food crisis could occur. 


Regenerative agriculture practices faces criticism for having low productivity during initial years due to which food crises could occur. 


agriculture review

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