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Punjab Marigold Farmers Hope For Navaratri Shattered

by aditya abhishek


Although, marigold is not a major crop of Punjab, but it is cultivated in Sangrur and Patiala districts of Punjab. 


India has a huge market for marigolds. The demand for marigold flowers rises during the festive seasons such as Navaratri, Deepawali, etc. 


As the harvesting season was around Navaratri, marigold farmers of Punjab were expecting plentiful harvest and income this season as crop stand was in good condition. 


However, the dreams of Punjab farmers shattered due to sudden spells of rain in the state. This has caused worry among marigold farmers in Punjab. 

No Compensation

Moreover, there will be no compensation for the loss of the marigold crop in the state and it is also not covered under Minimum Support Price. 


Although the farmers of Punjab were motivated to cultivate flower crops due to high returns, now they think that the risks involved are also high. 


Private buyers have also refused to buy the produce due to poor quality marigolds. In 2022, they were sold at INR 180 per Kilogram, but this year it has come down to INR 40-50 per Kilogram. 


There is a need for centralized control of farming and reduction in state government control. Moreover, farming is a business of risks and rewards. 

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