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Protect Your Plants From Scorching Summer Heat

by aditya abhishek


During hot summer in tropical to sub-tropical climates, plants start drying & withering easily due to scorching summer heat. Use these tips to reduce the impact. 


During hot summer, water your plants twice in a day. However, make sure to grow them in well drained soil to avoid waterlogging and root rot in the plant.


You can apply a thin layer of straw mulch, onion mulch, or dried leaves mulch around the base of your plant. It will help to prevent soil from drying easily. 


Provide shade to your plants with the help of shade cover, nets, or cloth. Shade nets with 75% UV blockage are perfect for this purpose. 

Avoid Repotting

Avoid reoptting your plants during hot summer days when temperature goes above 35 degrees Celsius. At this time plants are more prone to transplant shock.

Grow Summer Plants

Do not plants that are adapted to grow in cool climates such as roses, petunias, pansies, marigolds, etc. during hot summer days. 

Rose Care

Most people say their rose plants are dying in summer. To prevent, remove flowers from rose plants, stop adding fertilizers, and mist leaves with water during hot days. 

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