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Projected Crop Water Shortage to Reach 4.6k Tmcft by 2050

by aditya abhishek

Tamil Nadu

Agriculture contributes about 13% to the GDP of Tamil Nadu. Hence it is very important to ensure water availability for continous crop production in the state. 

Tamil Nadu

The State Planning Commission prepared a draft report on the 'Sustainable Land Use Policy' in which it is stated that by 2050 water shortage could reach 4,646 Tmcft.


If the problem is not tackled, then it could change the crop dynamics in the state and could lead to a drastic crop production dip in upcoming years. 


What is even more concerning is the water pollution in the state due to untreated industrial effluents leaked into water bodies causing ground water pollution. 

Per Capita Availability

The national average of per capita water availability is 1,486 cubic meters annually but Tamil Nadu has only 900 cubic meters water availability per capita annually.  

Total Water Demand

The water required for agriculture and industrial purposes is 1,867.85 Tmcft every year but there is availability of only 1,681.78 Tmcft. This is concerning for the future. 


Farmers are advised to adopt water use efficient irrigation systems like drip, practice off season tillage, and cultivate crops that are best suited for dry regions. 

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