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Potential Of Monocrop Agriculture 

by aditya abhishek

What Is Monocropping

The practice of cultivating single crop year after year on the same farm land is called monocropping or monocrop agriculture. 

Common Monocrop

The most common monocrops in the world are wheat, maize and soybean. However any crop can be cultivated as monocrop. 

High Profit

If practiced on large scale farm, monocropping can result in higher income due to selling single crop variety in huge quantity. 

Easy Marketing 

As farmer is focused on cultivating a single crop hence after harvest it is easy to sell produce in the single market. Produce can be sold to single buyer at once in large quantity.

Skilled Cultivation

Due to continous cultivation of a crop, the farmer gains skills and knowledge in specific crop cultivation, hence chance of mistake reduces. 

Easy Management

From sowing of seeds to harvesting, storing, selling and transportation the process becomes easy due to focusing on a particular crop and developing technologies. 

Soil Degradation

Due to cultivating single crop every year soil fertility decreases and erosion increases that results in poor health of the soil overtime. 

Other Problems

Cultivating monocrop results in increased pest infestation, water and fertilizer demand of crop and reduced biodiversity, hence it is necessary to practice crop rotation. 

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