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Ultimate Guide On Potato Farming

by aditya abhishek


Well drained, loamy soil having soil pH in the range of 4.8 to 6.0 is good for cultivating potato but it can also be cultivated on other soil types. 

Climate & Temperature

Potato is a cool season crop that grows well in average temperature range of  24 degrees Celsius. Annual rainfall of around 1200-2000 mm is ideal.

Seed Material & Rate

Use potato tuber or True Potato Seed as a planting material.  For potato tuber seed rate is 2 tonnes/hectare & for TPS it is 200 grams/hectare. 

Planting Method

During October to November prepare furrows at 60 centimetres distance. Plant tubers at 15 centimetres apart and 7 centimetres depth in ridges. 


Apply 240 Kgs. of Nitrogen, 60 Kgs. of Phosphorus and 90 Kgs. of Potassium in 3 split dozes, first doze at planting stage. 


5 to 6 irrigations are required. The first irrigation is given before sowing of seeds and the second 3 to 4 days after sowing of seeds and then at interval of 12 days.


When leaves start yellowing and falling on the ground, then start harvesting of potato crop.  Cut the crop from the ground level 8 days before actual harvesting date.


By harvesting early maturing variety you can get yield up to 20 tonnes/hectare but late variety can yield up to 30 tonnes/hectare. 

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