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Farmers Can Start Pomegranate Farming To Earn High

by aditya abhishek

By cultivating pomegranate in 1 acre farm, a farmer can grow 200 trees & can harvest 15 Kilograms of fruit from each tree, therefore the total earning could reach up to 5500 US Dolars. 


Semi-arid regions with hot dry summers and cool winters are ideal for farming of pomegranate. They can grow up to up to 1800 m elevation.


They are adapted to grow in wide range of soils and is draught tolerant. They can also be cultivated in saline and alkaline soils. 


During June to December you can plant 18 months old pomegranate saplings in pits of 60 cm x 60 cm x 60 centimetres at 2.5 to 3 m spacing.


Irrigation mainly depends on soil type and climatic conditions. But in general you can irrigate pomegranate farm at interval of 4 days. 


A single pomegranate plant requires 10 Kilograms of FYM, 200 grams of Nitrogen, 100 grams of Phosphorus, and 400 grams of Potassium in the first year of plantation. 


After harvesting in December, prune 1/3rd of past season shoots, dried, diseased branches and root suckers. To get better quality fruit thin out flower clusters. 


To stop fruit cracking in pomegranate spray liquid paraffin at 1 % concentration at 15 days interval twice during June. 


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