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Best Plants For Hanging Pots

by aditya abhishek

One of the most easy to grow houseplant that grow well in moist soil in tropical climate. You can grow silver, marble, golden pothos in hanging pots. 


They are beautiful winter flowering plant that grows very well in hanging pots. Pansy loves well drained soil, direct sunlight, & moderate watering.


They flower vigrously throughout winters and can make your garden vibrant. Avoid over and under watering in petunia plant. Grow them in coir planters. 


They are popular evergreen succulent plant that requires nitrogen rich fertilizers, little moist, well drained soil, and indirect sunlight. 

string of hearts

If you want to enjoy delicious, and nutritious berries then grow strawberries in hanging pots. Keep them under direct sunlight, fertilize with dung manure. 


Also known as Chinese money plant that has air purifying qualities. They grow well in bright indirect sunlight & keep the soil little moist.


It is a popular succulent plant that is perfect for hanging pots. They love full sunlight, well draining soil, little watering, & fertilize only twice in a year.  

Burro's Tail

They are ideal for hanging pots and can grow well in tropical climate, loves bright indirect sunlight, evenly moist well draining soil. 



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