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How To Start Planting Corn

by aditya abhishek


Corn originated in Central America & Mexico. At present China is the largest producer of corn, this is followed by USA, Brazil, and India. 


You can plant corn in tropical as well as temperate climate. You can start sowing of maize seeds from First week of February to March & even from October to November. 


Deep, fertile, well drained soil with good moisture holding capacity is ideal for planting corn. Although it can grow in wide range of soil

Field Preparation

Raised bed planting method is best for growing corn. Practice ploughing, and 10 tons of FYM for 1 hectare, mix it well and prepare raised beds. 

Seed Rate

Using 20 kg seeds/ha to 25 kg seeds/ha depending on hybrids/varieties is ideal for getting optimum yield. Using recommended seed rate helps in better performance. 

Sowing Of Seeds

Sow seeds in line, follow 25 centimetres distance between plant to plant, and 60 centimetres between row to row. 


Give light irrigation after sowing of seeds. Ensure optimum moisture availability during the most critical phase i.e., 45 to 65 days after sowing.


Apply 150-180 kg N, 70-80 kg P2O5, 70-80 kg K2O and 25 kg ZnSO4 per hectare. It will enhance the growth of your crop,

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