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Perennial Flowers That Bloom All Summer

by aditya abhishek


They are perennial flowering plants that bloom from summer to fall and go under dormancy in winter. Flower colour can be orange, red, white, pink, yellow, etc. 


It is an evergreen flowering plant that is native to South-East Asia. This plant is famous for its heavily fragrant white coloured flowers that bloom in the summer season.


It is a genus of around 75 species of flowering plants. These flowering plants are native to Asia & America. They produce white, red, pink, purple, to blue coloured flowerheads.


Growing hollyhocks can attract butterflies and hummingbirds in the garden. They are easy to care for & you can start growing them from seeds. 

Passion Flower

Passionflower plant can be woody to herbaceous and is mostly tendril-bearing vines that produce regular flowers. They are found in Southeast Asia, Central & South America, etc.


 It is a genus of plants in the Daisy Family. The name Gerbera is given to honour German botanist Traugott Gerber. Gerbera is a trendy decorative garden plant.


They produce unique fragrant flowers from spring to fall season. Flower colour vary from pure white to deep red, pale pink to butter lemon, golden, oranges, blood red, etc.


Portulaca or Purslane is a short lived perennial succulent plant. You can care for them easily as they are hardy & draught tolerant. Plant them in hanging baskets this summer.

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