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The Ultimate Guide On Onion Farming

By aditya abhishek

Onion is the second most important commercial crop in the world.  If you follow our guide then from one acre onion farm you can get up to 130 quintal yield every year. 


Well drained deep, loamy and alluvial soil that is rich in organic matter with good water holding capacity and pH around 6.0 to 6.5 is ideal. 


Depending on variety of onion, you cultivate them in tropical, sub-tropical and even temperate climate.  13-24 degree Celsius is good for vegetative phase. 

Nursery & Seedling

For one hectare of land 10 kilograms of seed treated with beejamrit is required. Sow seeds in line at an optimum distance of 60 mm.  35 to 50 days after sowing transplant them.

Field Preparation

Practice ploughing, mix 15 to 20 tonnes of Farm Yard Manure and prepare Broad Bed Furrows of 15 centimetres height and top width of 120 centimetres.


While planting maintain spacing within row to row of 20 centimetres and 12 cm between plant to plant. Sow at 1/4 inches depth. 


Give light irrigation immediately after transplanting or sowing seeds. Irrigating the field at an interval of 7 to 10 days is ideal. Add jeevamrut or Sanjeevak with irrigation water.


Apply 100 Kg Nitrogen, 50 Kg of Phosphorus, Potassium, & Sulphur in split doses. First doze during field preparation and 2nd and 3rd doze 30 and 45 days after transplantation. 


For getting dry onions you can start harvesting 5 months after plantation of crop. But for green onions you can harvest after 3 months from plantation.

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