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How To Grow & Care Night Blooming Jasmine

by aditya abhishek

Night Blooming Jasmine or Parijat plant came to limelight when Indian Prime minister Narendra Modi Ji mentioned in his speech and planted one in Ayodhya on 5th August, 2020.

Flowers of parijat plant only blooms during night that's why it is named Night Blooming Jasmine or Raat Ki Raani. Moreover you will also fall in love with the fragrance of its flowers.


According to Bhagvata Purana, Vishnu Purana, and Mahabarat, this plant originated not on earth but in heaven, and Lord Krishna brought this plant on earth. 


Tropical to sub tropical climate is good for growing this flowering plant. You can start growing them from March to October. 

Potting Mix

Well drained sandy loam soil with good organic matter is good. Prepare potting mix with 50% garden soil + 30% organic compost + 20% cocopeat.


Daily 6 to 8 hours of direct sunlight is good for growing  this plant. Avoid keeping them in low light conditions. 


Avoid waterlogging in the pot, only water when top layer of soil becomes dry.  During cold winters you can water once after every week. 


From March to October keep fertilizing with two handful of  well decomposed manure and banana peel fertilizer once after every 30 days. Stop adding fertilizer during winters. 


Time to time pruning is important to keep this plant healthy and promote flowering. Prune old and diseased branches. 

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