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New York Farmers at Risk: Implications of the Expired Farm Bill

by aditya abhishek

U.S. Congress recently passed a bill that will help the government running. But experts are worried and stated that lawmakers need to act fast to make a new Farm Bill. 

An agriculture economics expert named Christopher Wolf explained that some programs are permanent and don't need an extension, like crop insurance. But others surely need  funding. 

Thhe "dairy cliff" is the most important concern for the farmers and consumers of the United States. Milk prices could go up a lot, if farm bills are not updated. 

According to studies, "milk could cost US $50.70 for 100 pounds which will be higher than the current US $19.30 for 100 pounds. "

But, Wolf has deep faith that this won't happen as it would cost a lot of money. He says it's not uncommon for these things to go past the deadline, so he's not too worried about it.

Both Republicans and Democrats agree on the Farm Bill law. However, there are some disagreement among them.

Both the parties are still not able to agree on about how money should be shared between nutritional food programs and agriculture programs.

Funds based on Farm Bill is for things like heliping farmers in disaster and financials..  The New York Farm Bureau is telling Congress to make sure they pass a new law without delays, let's see what happens!

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