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National Mission For Sustainable Agriculture

by aditya abhishek


The National Mission For Sustainable Agriculture (NMSA) has been started to increase production, improve soil health, maximize water use efficiency and reduce wastage. 

Climate Resilient

NMSA focuses on climate-resilient agricultural practices. Climate change poses a major threat to food production, hence climate-resilient practices are a necessity. 

Per Drop More Crop 

Water scarcity and wastage are big problems. Hence, to increase water use efficiency, the PMKSY-PDMC is promoting precision and Micro Irrigation.  

Soil Health

To improve soil health, Soil Health Management (SHM) aims to promote Integrated Nutrient Management and the use of bio-fertilizers. 

Soil Health Card

Moreover, the Soil Health Card (SHC) is a scheme that provides information to farmers on the soil nutrient status of their soil and fertilizer recommendations. 

Cropping System

Farmers are advised about intercropping, cover crops, crop rotations, mixed cropping, etc. to reduce fertilizer dependency and increase productivity. 


If you are an Indian farmer, then to improve your soil health and production, adopt sustainable agriculture practices for a bright future. 

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