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National Farmer Day Of Major Agricultural Countries

by aditya abhishek

National Farmer Day in a country is celebrated to embrace the contribution of farmers and agriculturist in ensuring food security, increasing export potential & overall economy of a nation. 

Farmers are often regarded as the backbone of a nation's economy. It is because they produce "food" which is the basic need of an organism for its survival. 

In China, National Farmer Day is celebrated on 4th February. Around this time New year is also celebrated in China.

In India, National Farmer Day is celebrated on 23rd December. It is because on this day 5th Prime Minister of India, Mr. Choudhary Charan Singh was born. 

In United States of America, National Farmer Day is celebrated on 12th October. At this time traditional harvesting period ends in America. 

In Brazil, National Farmer Day is celebrated on 28th July. On this day Ministry of agriculture in Brazil completed 100 years in 1960.

Apart from these major agriculture countries, South Korea, Pakistan, Vietnam, and Zambia also celebrates National Farmer Day on 11 November, 18 December, 14 October, and first Monday of August. 

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