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Movies Based On Agriculture That You Should Watch

by aditya abhishek


If you are a farmer, agriculturist or a nature enthusiast interested in agriculture, then you must watch these top rated movies based on farming.

"Paces In The Heart"

Directed by Robert Benton, this movie depicts the life of a young widow woman "Edna" who takes control of her family's cotton farm during the Great Depression. 

"Sweet Land"

It is inspired by true stories during World War 1 of a young German woman who moves to Minnesota to marry a Norwegian farmer.

"The Biggest Little Farm"

It is based on a story of a couple who owns a 200 acre farm outside of Los Angeles, and are planning to develop it into a sustainable farm.  

"Kiss The Ground"

It is an inspiring movie that is based on the story of Activists, scientists, farmers, and politicians that start promoting regenerative farming to save the earth. 

"Food, Inc."

If you are willing to understand how mammoth corporations have taken over all aspects of the food chain in America, then watch this movie. 


To grow plants we require seeds, and this movie depicts the importance of seeds in which passionate seed keepers are protecting a 12,000-year-old food legacy.

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