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Most Trendy Farming Games On Play Store

by aditya abhishek

Farming Simulator

If you want to experience building a farm, managing livestock, riding your own horses, producing & selling farm products, then you must play the Farming Simulator game. 

Farm City

It is a blend of city building and farm games. You can build the city of your dreams, cultivate crops, feed cattle, and trade products to enhance your gaming experience. 

Hay Day

In this fantastic farming game, you can create family farm with building houses like a bakery, feed mill and sugar mill. You can add chicken, horses, cows, etc., to your farm. 

FarmVille 2

In this mobile game designed for farming activities, you can escape to countryside where you can build your farm while exploring glade, pond, mine & other secrets. 

Farm Town

In this game, you can build factories to grow your business, grow crops, take care of cute pets, decorate your farm, help citizens with farming routines & so on. 

Village And Farm

If you want to experience farming in the middle ages, you will love playing this game with challenging farming missions. 


In this game, you are the owner of your farm, who can build new territories, breed domestic animals, fill orchards with beautiful trees, grow flowers & build roads. 

Taonga Island Adventure

This time you will buold a farm not in a city or village but on an isolated island. Moreover, you can also explore the wild jungle  & ancient mysteries in this farm game. 

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