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Most Profitable Crops For Small Farms

by aditya abhishek

If you have less than 2.5 acres of farm or even have only 1 acre or less, then you can cultivate these crops in your farm to get higher profits. 

In ideal conditions by selling dried and fresh lavender in the market you can earn upto  $120,000 per acre. Selection of desirable variety also plays a major role.


By cultivating saffron in one acre you can get upto 2 kilograms of saffron, but you can sell them for $10 to 20 in the market and earn profit. 


Because of nutrition value they are in high demand in the market. Farmers can earn around $20 to 50 per square foot by cultivating microgreens. 


By cultivating goji berries on an acre farm you can get upto 3000 kilograms of berries, and can sell for $10 to 20 per pound to get profit. 

Goji Berries

By cultivating shiitake mushroom you can harvest 5 to 10 logs per tree. And can sell them for $30 to 50 per stem. 

Shiitake mushroom

Some farmers are earning upto $80,000 by cultivating garlic in their one acre farm every year. In one acre you can harvest upto 48 quintals of garlic. 


They are high yielding crop and from an acre you havrvest upto 6.5 tonnes of strawberry and make gross income of around $28,000.


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