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Maximizing Yields By Multiple Cropping Techniques

by aditya abhishek


Multiple cropping is the practice of growing two or more crops in the same farm land in the same season. Unlike monocropping, multiple crops are grown.

However, farmers can not cultivate any variety of crops together to practice multiple cropping. There are criterias based on which crops are selected to practice this farming system.

Farm Conditions

An environmental scanning should first be conducted. Properties of the soil like texture, colour, organic matter content, pH and fertility levels will determine the crops

Varietal Adaptability

Selection of variety of crops depend on adaptability on the selected variety in the region & local climate. Therefore, farmer should conduct local survey. 

Marketing & Profit

Crop selection must consider marketability and profitability. Crop to be selected must be high yielding and profitable. 

Pests & Disease 

The selection of crop should be dependent on the crop resistance to pest and diseases. Using less resistance crop variety can increase the cost of production


Practicing multiple cropping has multiple benefits. It helps in reducing production cost, fertilizers & pesticide inputs, irrigation water requirements, weeds, pests & diseases. 

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