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Mango Festival Is Being Organized In Bihar

by aditya abhishek


The mango festival is being organized in Gyan Bhawan near Gandhi Maidan in Patna, Bihar (India) from the 16th to the 18th of June which you can attend and enjoy. 


You can visit Gyan Bhawan to attend the aam mahotsav from 9 am to 5:30 pm. Various farmers, government organizations & companies have arrived to showcase mango varieties grown across India. 


Visitors can buy various mango varieties that are grown organically or participate in mango eating & even mango fancy dress competitions to win exciting prizes. 


Mango varieties such as Langda, Gulabkhas, Maldah, Alphonso, Biju, Jardalu, Krishna Bhog, Kalkatia, Jarda, Chausa, etc. have been put on display. 

Training Programmes

If you are interested in learning mango farming techniques & post-harvest handling then you can visit Aam Mahotsav on the 18th of June to get guidance from experts. 

Prize Distribution

Winners of the competition will get their respective prizes on 18th June. 1st prize is of 5000 INR, 2nd 4000 INR, 3rd 3000 INR & a special winner will get 10000 INR. 

So do not miss out on this amazing chance, visit Aam Mahotsav to participate & enjoy delicious tropical summer fruit & king of fruits "Mango."

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