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7 Lawn Care Tips You Should Follow!

by aditya abhishek

In a year apply 10 Kilograms of organic compost per 10 square metre area thrice at regular intervals & 15 kilograms of lime and SSP once .


Watering frequency depends on soil, grass type, and climate. Apply water up to 5 to 15 centimetres depth at 10 days interval.


Practice mowing when required, 5 to 7 centimetres height of the grass. Avoid cutting  more than 1/3rd of the grass during mowing.


To maintain uniformity of grass practice rolling with the help of roller. Heavy rolling can be practiced at the beginning of rainy season. 


Practice mowing at regular intervals to control weeds. Apply spray 0.05% 2,4-D for broad leaf weed.


Damping off, root rot, grey leaf mould, powdery mildew, & fairy ring are common lawn diseases. Spray Bordeaux mixture at fortnightly intervals to control.


Infestation of leafhoppers and nematodes can damage your lawn Spray Dimethoate 2 ml per litre of water to control grasshoppers & Furadan 40 grams/m2 for nematodes. 


To get amazing foliage growth and appearance you can add biofertilizers in irrigation water to promote healthy growth. 


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