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Know The Right Time To Start Repotting Your Plants

by aditya abhishek


People who are in the field of growing plants often face difficulty in repotting their plants. They get confused about when they should repot their plants. 

We do not need to worry about seasonal plants as they live only for a season. But be careful about perennials with a longer life span and vast root system. 


Spring is the best season to repot your plants. New growth starts in most perennial plants during this season, extending from February to the end of April or May. 

Although, under certain circumstances you can also repot your plant during active growing season. But avoid repotting in dormant season. 

For example, you can repot any tropical houseplant such as Aloe, Fiddle leaf fig, and Monstera from spring to fall, but not in winter because they remain under rest.

When To Repot

The most common sign that you should notice is root bound. If roots start coming out of the pot from drainage holes, repot your plants or if water is not draining correctly. 

Pot Size & Potting Mix

Always select a larger pot than the old one while repotting a plant. Moreover, use appropriate potting mix to promote good growth in the plant. 

More Tips

Remove 50% of the old roots. Wash plant roots with clean water. After repotting, apply water immediately and keep plants under shade for a few days before moving them under direct sunlight. R

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