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Know About World Naked Gardening Day

by aditya abhishek

Celebration Day

Gardeners from various parts of the world celebrate World Naked Gardening Day on the first Saturday of May.  Pic Credit: Instagram/northernplantroom

On this day, gardeners go naked in the backyard, park or home garden & practice gardening activities without any clothes to feel connected with nature. Pic Credit: Instagram/bluejulz


On 10th September 2005, an organization called "Body Freedom Collaborative Project" celebrated World Naked Gardening Day for the first time.  Pic Credit: Instagram/girl_who_gets_dirty

Later on, the celebration date was changed to the first Saturday of May. After the first celebration, many people got inspired and started celebrating this global event.  Pic Credit: Instagram/amys.amazing.adventure

However, for sharing their activity pictures online, they are recommended to cover their private parts with foliage or gardening tools. 


Mark Storey & Jacob Gabriel are the founders and organizers of this global event. The main goal is to connect people with nature and boost confidence. 


Celebrating this day is completely free, it promotes gardening, creates sense of connection with nature, & overall boost confidence. 

How To Observe

To observe this day you can visit any suitable garden to practice activities with less or zero dress, post pictures by using #WorldNakedGardeningDay or #WNGD.

Words Of Participants

James who celebrated WNGD says, It’s a bit of fun to get outdoors and really feel nature! Pic Credit: Instagram/bohemiahousegarden

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