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Kitchen Waste That Can Be Used As Fertilizers

by aditya abhishek


For organic gardening with minimum budget & maximum efficiency, kitchen waste are great alternative to the chemical fertilizers. 

Banana Peels

You can use dried & crushed banana peels to fertilize your plants as they are rich in Calcium and Potassium that can help in increasing root growth & flowering in plants. 

Onion Peels

Onion peels are rich in potassium, calcium & iron, therefore you can use them to fertilize garden plants. Soak them in water for 48 hours, strain, then mix in water to use. 

Egg Shells

Crush eggshells and then use them to fertilize fruit plants to increasing fruit setting in the plant & reduce risk of blossom end rot as they are rich in calcium. 

Tea Leaves

You can use well decomosed, used tea leaves for fertilizing plants to promote foliage growth as they are rich in nitrogen. 

Veggie Cooking Water

You can use water used for boiling vegetables for fertilizing your plants. However, make sure to cool it down up to room temperature level. 

Crushed Leaves

Keep the vegetable leaves to dry under sun for a week, crush them to smaller pieces and use them in your potting mix to improve soil structure & fertility. 

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